• colorful spirit, strong soul.

    Naturally grown under the African sun. Traditionally hand-picked from coffee’s true origin.


Afro Coffee

We celebrate life.
And want to share good times with others.
That's why we create coffee, tea, and spice blends that bring people together.
Good products that inspire and stimulate, that are fair, and organic whenever possible.
Celebrate with us the colorful diversity of an entire continent.


This is how premium Fairtrade can be.
Sustainability begins with cultivation under socially fair conditions and ends with environmentally friendly packaging.

The Cook Stove Project

We are helping to build cookstoves for coffee farmers in Ethiopia. Here's why both the community and the environment benefit from it. 

Our bestseller with subscription

Afro Coffee Mild & Aromatic 500g

Content: 500 Gramm (€3.18* / 100 Gramm)

Afro Coffee Strong & Earthy Organic 500g, AT-Bio-902

Content: 500 Gramm (€3.64* / 100 Gramm)

Afro Coffee Dark & Elegant Organic 500g

Content: 500 Gramm (€4.34* / 100 Gramm)

Afro Tea Herbal Amber 15 bags
herbal tea

Afro Tea Green Leaves 15 bags
green tea

Afro Tea Fruit Fields 500g loose
fruit tea

Afro Tea Finest Assam 300g loose
black tea

Afro Spice Chakalaka

Afro Spice Pineapple Curry

Afro Spice Harissa

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