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Cook Stove Project

Every Afro Coffee bean comes from an East African farming family that grows, nurtures, and harvests coffee plants in their own garden. Through local cooperatives, we ensure that the coffee is grown according to Fairtrade standards and that all families receive a minimum price for their harvest that remains stable, even as world market prices fall. In addition, we help finance water wells, schools, and other community projects with an additional Fairtrade premium. 

We can only tackle global challenges such as the climate crisis if everyone contributes. That's why we support the "Cook Stove Project" in Ethiopia. An initiative to locally produce cook stoves for coffee farmers, using regionally available materials. With these stoves, cooking can be done in a resource-efficient manner.

You want to support the Cook Stove Project? 

Here's how: Simply add a cook stove to your shopping cart when you pay for your next order
in your shopping cart and support the coffee farmers in Ethiopia.