Afro Coffee

Naturally grown under the African sun. Traditionally hand-picked from coffee’s true origin. 
Afro Coffee represents a vibrant connection of high-quality coffee enjoyment and the rich culture of Africa, with each coffee reflecting the sun, rhythm, and soul of the continent.

Where our coffee comes from

Our coffee beans come from East Africa, specifically from Ethiopia – the birthplace of coffee culture – and Tanzania.

 They grow on small-scale family farms under optimal climate and soil conditions at over 800 meters above sea level. Through local coffee umbrella organizations, the Coffee Cooperatives, we are in direct contact with the farms and can thus guarantee fair working conditions, and the consistently high quality of our coffee. 100% of our beans are Fairtrade certified; a large part is also certified organic.

This is how premium Fairtrade can be

Our coffees taste good. But that is not enough. It is our responsibility to recognize challenges in our surroundings and contribute to their solutions, both here and there. For that reason, we take measures that benefit people and the environment:  

Fair conditions for coffee farmers

Out of appreciation for our farmers, Fairtrade is a matter of course for us. The family farms in East Africa receive a fairer price for their coffee cherries and can rely on a steady income thanks to price guarantees. Through the Fairtrade initiative, we also secure investments in local social and ecological projects.

Supporting local communities in Africa  

 Our appreciation for people and nature is reflected in our deep connection with the earth and the people who cultivate it. Despite the additional premium, many Fairtrade farmers in Africa still live in poverty. Therefore, we also assist in building cookstoves to improve both the daily lives of our partners and the local environmental conditions.

Our focus on sustainability 

We aim not only to compensate for our ecological footprint but also to keep it small from the beginning. That's why our Afro Coffee packs are biodegradable, the cookstoves help reduce CO2 emissions in the country of origin of our coffee beans and our tea comes in hand-sewn cotton bags.  

How you can help

As part of the Cook Stove Project, cookstoves are locally manufactured using regional resources. Your donation supports coffee farmers in Ethiopia and helps conserve the environment.