Ras el Hanout

Geschmack Geschmack
Passend für Passend für
Schärfe Schärfe


Cubebenpfeffer, Koriander, Ingwer, Kreuzkümmel, Schwarzkümmel, Paradieskörner, Fenchel, Kardamom, Muskatnuss, Galgant, Sternanis, Nelke, Bengalischer Langschwanzpfeffer, Zimt, Lorbeer, Lavendel, Ebereschenbeeren

Auch nach deinem Geschmack?

Afro Spice Grillgewürz Box

29,90 €
Afro Spice De Luxe Box

99,90 €
Afro Spice Fire Box

29,90 €
Afro Spice Chakalaka

8,90 €
Afro Spice Pineapple Curry

8,90 €
Afro Spice Harissa

8,90 €
Afro Spice Cajun

8,90 €
Afro Spice Baba Ghanoush

8,90 €
Afro Coffee Gutschein

Ab 20,00 €

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Good choice! With this spice, you can't go wrong. You can dive right into the adventure and discover new taste worlds. If you want, we're happy to accompany you for a while. You can use our recipes as a guide, let them inspire and lead you. And when you feel ready, you can take a few steps off the beaten path. Have fun cooking!