5+1 SET Strong & Earthy BIO 500g, AT-BIO-902

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Afro Coffee Cappuccino Cup, 2nd edition

Afro Coffee Cappuccino Cup, 2nd edition

Afro Coffee Espresso Cup, 2nd edition

Afro Coffee Espresso Cup, 2nd edition

Afro Coffee Giftbox Cappuccino Cups

Content: 6 Stück (€8.82* / 1 Stück)

Bialetti Moka Express

Afro Coffee Coffee Caddy

Afro Coffee 5+1 SET Dark & Elegant BIO 500g, AT-BIO-902
whole beans

Afro Coffee 5+1 SET Mild & Aromatic 500g
whole beans

Afro Coffee Gift Voucher

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From the cradle of coffee

Coffee connects us with the people we drink coffee with. And us with the people who grow and harvest our coffee. That's why we deliberately source most of our coffee from Ethiopia, the cradle of coffee culture. Here, in the East African highlands, coffee has not only been cultivated for over 1,000 years. It has also been nurtured with the experience of 1,000 years: in small-scale family farms, under optimal climate and soil conditions at over 800 meters above sea level. Here, the coffee plants are cared for all year round and the ripe coffee cherries are hand-picked from October to January.


Responsibility is a major concern for us.
Sustainability begins with cultivation under socially fair conditions and ends with environmentally friendly packaging.


The Cook Stove Project

Sustainable stoves: Our Cook Stove Project
With cooking stoves made from regional materials, coffee farmers in Ethiopia can cook in a resource-efficient and health-friendly manner.